As the title says. How do you ask for someone's opinion on something in Japanese?

My Japanese tutor says than an easy way to do this can be


thus saying

"How about X,"

but I was curious if there were any other phrases, sentence structures, etc. in Japanese that also communicates

"What's your opinion on X?"

And, if there are, in what contexts or situations are they supposed to be used in?

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So you could produce very direct translations involving the Japanese word for opinion, but I don't think that's what you're asking for. If what you're looking for is a natural, easy way to express English sentiments like what's your opinion on ~~? or most relevantly what do you think about ~~?, the phrase you want is probably をどう思う. The link includes plenty of example sentences, but this an everyday phrase for asking people broadly what they think/feel about something, without suggesting it to them.

Edit: just to be clear, ~~はどうですか? and similar structures can take on meanings of suggestion much like the English translation you provided, how about ~~.

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