How do you say these. E.g. I cannot compare/compete with him。 彼と比べらはできない/彼と比べられない/彼と叶わない? Not sure if 比べ is too literal for comparing to use in this case.

What about "This is no contest." これで競争できない?これは競争じゃない/がない?相手にはならない?


There are a couple ways to say this.


「かなう」in this sense is written in kana or as 「敵う」. And the particle should be 「に」, because this is obviously a directional compariso.



In addition:




also work.

You can also say 「比較にならない」but "he" would have to be the subject.

(彼は) 私と比較にならないほど優秀な方だ。

  • Thank you! Doesn't 彼と比べることはできない have the confusion where it could also mean that the other party cannot compete/compare with you? – shoryuu Jan 31 at 6:55
  • @shoryuu Sorry, just saw your comment. 「彼と比べることはできない」and「彼と比べものにならない」state you can't compare with them. I don't think there is much space for confusion in these expressions. – Eddie Kal Feb 4 at 18:44
  • I see! No worries. Better late than never! Thank you! – shoryuu Feb 5 at 19:12

If you want to shift the point-of-view to focus on them, you could describe them/their ability with 無双・無敵・無比.

  • 無双の美女 → Girl/Woman of unequaled beauty
  • 無敵のチーム → An unbeatable team
  • 天下無比の歌手 → An unmatched singer

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