What's the difference between そして and そうして? Both mean 'and', 'and then' and are written with the same kanji. そして I've seen more often in texts, but そうして - only a couple of times. Is the difference only in frequency of usage?

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そうして means in that way, as such, like that,... in English.

例文: どうぞ、そうしてくだ下さい。 Yes, please do it so.

Synonyms for そうして is そのようにして.

そして was originally shortened form of そうして,

but in the present Japanese, そして has become conjunction.

そして cannot be used like そうして.

そして means and, and then, thus,... in English.

例文: 僕は宿題をしました。そして、買い物をしました。 I did my homework. And then, I went shopping.

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