Dropping randomly from question to answer I came across this answer from which I quote:

Note that vowel muting is a feature of some dialects of Japanese including the Tokyo dialect.

(The linked question and answer deal with whether or not the vowels /u/ and /i/ may or may not be reduced in a given environment.)

The way this is phrased the reverse question immediately popped up in my mind: are there any dialects of Japanese that consistently do not mute vowels?

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    Part of muting appears to be determined by -- or at least closely linked to -- pitch accent. Kantō dialect for すき ("like"), for instance, is [すき]{LH}, and the //u// is reduced. In Kansai, the pitch is (I think) [すき]{HL}, and the //u// is kept as a full-value vowel. – Eiríkr Útlendi Jan 26 at 23:31

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