I met the following exercise online in some very introductory tests.

It uses "入れてください".

But, isn't "Please enter", rather "入ってください"?

I probably still need to learn some new imperative forms but I couldn't make out quite what this is (very beginner)

Exercise that mentions "hairete kudasai"


You seem to be confusing 入{はい}る (to enter) with 入{い}れる (to let/put in). You're probably confused because they use the same kanji but they are different verbs. There is no imperative form here.

入{はい}る is an intransitive verb. But 入{い}れる is transitive (can take an object), so すずしいかぜを入{い}れてください means "please let in some fresh air".

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    入る is an intransitive verb You should probably put furigana for that too, since now the OP might not know if you mean はいる or いる. – istrasci Jan 19 at 17:09
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    @istrasci Done. I assumed it was clear from the first line but it never hurts to make sure. – user3856370 Jan 19 at 17:55

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