I want to express the structure “A or B”, where A and B are verbs in the imperative mood. The specific example I want to say is “Stand and rot or fall apart right now.”

I assume just saying 「立って朽ちろか今すぐバラバラになれなぁ」won’t work as か is used for alternatives with nouns.

Is there a structure that I could use here?


The simplest approach is to split the sentence into two and use a conjunctive such as さもなくば (literary/theatrical), あるいは (formal) or それか (colloquial). Another approach is to use AかB(か) with plain form verbs and then add 選べ or 決めろ at the end of the sentence.

  • ここで朽ち果てろ。さもなくば今すぐここでバラバラになれ。
  • ただここで朽ち果てるか、今すぐバラバラになるか、好きな方を選べ。

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