Unless I misheard, in an anime I am watching (安達としまむら), a character, in self-ridicule, said to themselves:


I assume this is supposed to mean


but censored/softened.

Is this common?

If so, how would one write it? (Maybe 馬車? Not sure whether this is done in English, but in German, using a completely ordinary word that starts the same way as a curse word is a common way to curse softly.)

If not, is 馬鹿 ever censored/softened in this kind of way? Or is it not "bad" enough to need censoring?


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Is it common to censor or soften 馬鹿 as ばしゃ?

No, it is not. As you can see in this page, ばしゃあぁぁ is an original word used by the particular character in that anime, created by the author. It's not used by or known to ordinary people in real life.

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