Today I heard a sentence like 「松本さんは クライムゲームを計【けい】 4回担当しました。」. I searched Google and found that there's also 「全」 but I can't find their usage explanation. How to use 「計」 and 「全」 before counters?


Apparently 計 is short for 合計 (total, sum) while 全 is for 全部 (all, everything).

So 計 should be used with numbers which result from adding something, e.g.


The total will be 30000 yen

While 全 is for cases when there is a complete set of something:


All 16 volumes (of a manga series)

In your example sentence, it seems that Matsumoto-san was involved in four crime games in total, but presumably there were other crime games without his/her involvement.

  • Thank you so much!
    – HK boy
    Jan 11 at 14:08
  • 1
    Yes, not only Matsumoto-san had played the game, there're some other people had played it.
    – HK boy
    Jan 11 at 14:18

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