I know that yobi means 'day' of the week and 'nichi' means 'date'

I want to translate->

What day is it tomorrow?

Which is the correct translation? ->

  1. Ashita wa nan yobi desu ka?
  2. Ashita wa nan nichi desu ka?

Can both the words be used interchangeably?

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Asking for the day of the week:


What day (of the week) is it tomorrow?


Tomorrow is Saturday.

Asking for the date:


What day (of the month) is it tomorrow?

明日は九日{ここのか}です。(九{きゅう} is nine but 九日 or 9日 has a special reading)

Tomorrow is the ninth.

So both are valid depending on what exactly you're asking, but they cannot be used interchangeably.

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