I am trying to understand the following short conversation. But I have some trouble understanding the last sentence.

female 1: まだまだ 忙しそうだな…

female 2 looking at phone sad: うん… だから別れ話も できなくって… 

My translation:

Seems like [he] is still busy...

Yeah... that's why I have not been able to connect [with him].

I feel like my translation of the second sentence is off. Because I don't really know how to interpret the "別れ話も". The literal translation I think is Parting conversation? I feel that, that does not sound right.


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別れ話 means talking about separation. It appears that female 2 is planning to separate from her significant other, but due to him being busy, she hasn't been able to bring that up yet.


別れ話 is “the discussion” that a couple has just before breaking up (別れる). So it seems “female 2” can’t get to broach the subject to her boyfriend(?) due to him being busy.

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