Slowly but surely, quickly and precisely, etc. You get the idea.

Some people say that "slowly but surely" is "ゆっくり着実に", others "ゆっくりだがしかし着実に"

So which is it? Are there other connective particles I can use, and can I use them with all kinds of adverbials or just with simple adverbs?

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    In case you are thinking the と in ゆっくりと着実に is a connective (which だが is), I doubt it is. It's the grammatically optional particle と that comes after adverbs, as in ゆっくり(と)進む.
    – goldbrick
    Jan 6, 2021 at 10:26

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Both are grammatically correct, but ゆっくりと確実に is a simple combination of two adverbs, whereas ゆっくりだがしかし着実に makes a strong contrast between the two, like "slowly, and yet surely". Which you need depends on the context.

Other options:

  • ゆっくりそして確実に
  • ゆっくりかつ確実に
  • ゆっくりながら確実に (relatively literary)

These feel somewhere between "slowly and surely" and "slowly yet surely".

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