My "katakana-go" is a bit rusty. I'm pretty sure the bottom one is a raisin and buttercream cake (or something like that) but not sure about the top. I'm assuming it's a transliteration of a foreign dessert but don't know what it is. enter image description here


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The names of these products are making use of 飾りフランス語 to give a French touch to them, but suggesting they are related to any existing foreign desserts remains to be seen...

ブランチュール is probably made of ブラン (blanc) and チュール (tulle). For the first part, English bran can certainly be discarded in favor of French blanc (white) since it contains milk chocolate (ミルクチョコレート).

ラングドシャクッキー can be parsed as ラングドシャ (langue-de-chat), which is a very thin finger-shaped crisp biscuit or piece of chocolate, and クッキー (cookie)... See: cat's tongue cookie.

ガトーレーズン is made of ガトー (gâteau), a rich cake, and レーズン (raisin), partially dried grape.

EDIT: Alternatively, ブラン could be French brun (brown), which would match the packaging color then...

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