I was reading an article at nhk news web site and I found a sentence which I'm not pretty sure what the meaning really is. Here's a fragment:


What i'm a little bit concerned about is the 多くします part. 多く is an adverb which means something like: a lot, much, abundant so I might think that the meaning would be something like " to do very much" or "to do something with frequency" Am I right? Please help.


The cut down sentence is:

The universities will make sure there are a lot of people to check (on the students)

Literally "The universities will make the people doing the checking many".

This usage of adverbs with する happens a lot, and you can't normally translate the adverb as an English adverb without it sounding really awkward; 'many-ly' is not a word. Another example which instantly springs to mind is 部屋をきれいにする (cleanly make the room = make the room clean = clean the room).

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