I'm still a little confused on the nuances of the の particle. For example, let's say "I played Dota 2." Would that be

"Dota 2ゲームをしました。"

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    Are you asking about whether your usage of の is correct, or do you want ot know whether you need to include のゲーム at all? Commented Dec 18, 2020 at 15:15

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I understand your tendency to want to use in this case. However when you want to introduce the name of something, you should use という. (assuming you are introducing it for the first time). So you could say, Dota2というゲームをしました。 If the game is mutually understood you can just say Dota2をしました。


I think you are right. In this case, の binds the two nouns together.

Of course, there are other cases where you use の with a different meaning, but in your case, it seems right.

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