I was looking up a lyrics for a song that has the lyrics


I think the first sentence can be translated to "I chased after your back", second one "Whether it’s too dazzling or it’s regrettable" the third one is the one that I kind of do not understand. "言う" as I understand it is to say. "より" is more than and I know たい refers to a strong desire/want. Hence, the third sentence is " I want to say out more than what I want to say out?" which sounds wrong. What is the difference between 言う vs 言わせたい?

P.S. Just started learning basic Japanese only.


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Welcome do Japanese Stack Exchange! First, you are correct about 言う, より and ~たい meanings, but you are missing the causative form ~させる
言う : to say
~せる : make someone do "~" / allow someone do "~"
~たい : want to "~"

言わせる : make someone say / allow someone say
言わせたい : want to make say

So I would translate:


More importantly than saying, I want to make you say.
I want to make you say it instead of saying it myself

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    Thank you so much! I didn't know about the causative form. Although the lyrics is still puzzling to me, but at least this clears up some misunderstanding I had.
    – Lolfoollor
    Commented Dec 16, 2020 at 19:46

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