I was looking up a lyrics for a song that has the lyrics


I think the first sentence can be translated to "I chased after your back", second one "Whether it’s too dazzling or it’s regrettable" the third one is the one that I kind of do not understand. "言う" as I understand it is to say. "より" is more than and I know たい refers to a strong desire/want. Hence, the third sentence is " I want to say out more than what I want to say out?" which sounds wrong. What is the difference between 言う vs 言わせたい?

P.S. Just started learning basic Japanese only.


Welcome do Japanese Stack Exchange! First, you are correct about 言う, より and ~たい meanings, but you are missing the causative form ~させる
言う : to say
~せる : make someone do "~" / allow someone do "~"
~たい : want to "~"

言わせる : make someone say / allow someone say
言わせたい : want to make say

So I would translate:


More importantly than saying, I want to make you say.
I want to make you say it instead of saying it myself

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    Thank you so much! I didn't know about the causative form. Although the lyrics is still puzzling to me, but at least this clears up some misunderstanding I had.
    – Lolfoollor
    Dec 16 '20 at 19:46

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