There are a lot of ways to expres the English word “even”, but I am not sure which one to use in the meaning of:

  • What’s this? Is it even food?
  • Is there even a way get out of here?
  • Does such a person even exist?

It looks like neither も or さえ fit here as they correspond to a different “even”. I can only come up with plain unflavored sentences that don’t include the intended, slightly sarcastic doubt.

  • 食物ですか。
  • ここを出る方法がありますか。
  • そんな人がいますか。

How can I change those to inject this meaning?


I think the adverb そもそも is the word you are looking for. You can use this both in informal and formal situations.

  • これは何? そもそも食べ物なの?
  • そもそもここを出る方法はあるのですか?
  • そもそもそんな人間はいるのだろうか。

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