Was practicing and came across some examples of saying what you are.



However, they explained that you cannot say the following:


It would have to be gakusei desu. Why is that? they are both nouns correct?

If i were to guess, it would be because if you are a student, it is constantly, where as if you are a nurse, its something you only do a few hours a day for work?

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It's because this type of する means "to work as ~", "to play the role of ~".



娘, 子供, 赤ちゃん and so on are not the name of a role/occupation, so you cannot use する with them. 主婦をしている is okay if you think it's your job.

学生をしている is a gray area case and sometimes people say this as a response to "what's your job?", but it's usually safer to avoid it in a plain self-introduction.

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