What is the correct stroke order of 繡? Its 新字体 version 粛 is farily straightforward, but this one? Dictionaries tend to not have stroke information for the 舊字體 form.

My guess would be:

  1. All the way down from the broom.
  2. Cross it in the middle.
  3. 片 on the left – left, top, bottom
  4. Reverse 片 on the right – top, right, bottom

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  • 繡 (U+7E61) is the kyūjitai form of 繍 (U+7E4D), in the same way 肅 (U+8085) is the kyūjitai form of 粛 (U+7C9B).

  • The stroke order for 肅 (U+8085) is available, on Tangorin for instance:

enter image description here

  • For reference, the two bottom parts you're mentioning are made of 片 (U+7247) and 爿 (U+723F), but their respective stroke orders slightly differ from the ones in the combined shape, because of the presence of a large horizontal stroke in the middle:

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Wow! I could have found that. It’s a strange beast. Not only it’s different from 片, but it’s even more from top to bottom than from left to right. Also thanks for the codepoints. It looks like 爿 is called しょうへん.
    – Glutexo
    Commented Nov 27, 2020 at 12:39

I could find 嘯 which seems to have the same right part in the YARXI dictionary (English version is called JISHOP but has no online version):

enter image description here

I believe the stroke order source is Kakijun. Here's its version of :

enter image description here

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