I learned you can use stem + sugiru, I adj - i + sugiru and na adj - na + sugiru to say "too much".

How would you translate "I woke up too early"?

  • Hayasugiru okimashita

  • Hayaku okisugimashita

Or neither?


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On the internet, you'll find「早{はや}く起{お}きすぎた」and「起{お}きるのが早{はや}すぎた」to express "I woke up too early." I'm not sure why that first sentence works, but perhaps someone can clarify that in the comments.

  • the first one 「早{はや}く起{お}きすぎた」is exactly like "Hayaku okisugimashita" only with casual past (た) instead of polite ました。 Commented Nov 15, 2020 at 10:56

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