I am considering using this word to name a new brand however I don't want it to be named after the popular Anime character. Does Hizashi mean "rays of the sun" and can it be separated from the character?


Is Hizashi a noun or a proper name?

Yes. :)

In more detail, hizashi is both.

As a name

As we can see here in Jim Breen's mirror of the ENAMDICT name dictionary, ひざし as a name may have the following spellings and name types:

  • 陽 -- feminine given name, as indicated by the (f) marker after the "Hizashi" reading.
  • 日差子 -- given name, of uncertain gender, as indicated by the (g) marker -- but given the 子 in the spelling, this is almost certainly a feminine name.
  • 陽向 -- surname, as indicated by the (s) marker.

As a noun

And as we can see here in Jim Breen's mirror of the EDICT general terms dictionary, ひざし as a noun may have the following spellings, all with the same sense of "sunlight; rays of the sun":

  • 日差し
  • 陽射し
  • 日射し
  • 陽差し
  • 日ざし
  • 陽ざし
  • 日差
  • 陽射


The term, as either name or noun, derives from [日]{hi} ("sun") + [差し]{sashi} ("sticking or pointing through", here in reference to the beams of sunlight).

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    Thank you very much! Very helpful.
    – Ben
    Nov 11 '20 at 20:59

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