Context: A and B are talking about B's son, 景明



A:「……儂とて奴には信を置くところがある。 でなくば冗談にも山賊退治を命じたりなどせん」

B:「あぁ。あんたも見るとこは見てくれてるな。 母親としちゃ、嬉しいことだ」

What does "見るとこは見てくれてる" mean in this case? I suspect it's something like "paying attention to the right things" (Kageaki's aptitude in this case) but I don't know for sure.


Your interpretation is correct. This 見るとこ is the same as 見るところ, or "points to see", referring to Kageaki's good points (traits) people should be aware of. It's interchangeable with 見るべきところ. は is a contrast marker that replaced を; here it adds the nuance of "at least".

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