So, I was searching around on Tumbler, until I stumbled across this really cool drawing, upon noticing it wasn’t in English. I was hoping someone on here could help, I’ve talked to other people and no one really seems to help, I’m desperate.enter image description here

  • We don't do translations. – istrasci Oct 27 at 23:53
  • Welcome to the Japanese Language stack exchange. We don't do translations upon request, but if you can show any research you've done to try to find the answer, we can help with questions related to areas you're having trouble with. – Leebo Oct 27 at 23:54

The transcript says (from right to left):

What is "Wa ha Halloween"?
Why are you here!!

I believe this "Wa ha Halloween" is the title of some episode of the Power Puff Girls series, as a quick Google search shows a lot of images of a Halloween-themed episode of the series.
I hope this helps!
PS: Thanks to @Leebo for pointing out an error in my answer.

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  • What do you mean by "What have you come to?" – Leebo Oct 28 at 1:13
  • I understood as "what have you stumbled upon and it lead you to ask this". – Lae Oct 28 at 1:18
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    It's literally "What have you come to do?" but a more natural translation is probably "What are you doing here?" or "Why are you here?" Maybe you can explain your reasoning more? – Leebo Oct 28 at 1:33
  • Perhaps I am biased in my interpretation as I am familiar with the attitude of the character Mandy and assumed she would disapprove/question the situation and make a subtle point of her being annoyed/irritated by the events. This is why I added the criticizing tone to my translation. – Lae Oct 28 at 1:36
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    I just don't really follow your explanation. The character on the left asking 何しに来たんだ is not visible... are you saying you know who that is from context? – Leebo Oct 28 at 1:40

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