I only know the grammar usage of ばかり as full of___ but I don't know how to parse this sentence.

少しばかり しゃくですが


~ばかり has many functions, one of which is "about ~", "to the extent of ~". It can form an adverbial expression.

  • 少しばかり(の): [no-adj, adv] a little
  • わずかばかり(の): [no-adj, adv] slight / slightly
  • ちょっとばかり(の): [no-adj, adv] a bit (of)
  • 3日ばかり待った。
    I waited for about three days.
  • 10万円ばかり払えばいいパソコンが買える。
    You can buy a good computer if you pay 100,000 yen or so.

Practically you can remember 少しばかり / わずかばかり / ちょっとばかり as set phrases that works as an adverb.

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