What is the とは in the below sentence?  I was thinking that it could be something like 彼とは相性がいい but because he says 俺たち afterwards this doesn't sound right.



Yes it's part of (~は)~と相性がいい. This とは is と meaning "with" followed by は, the topic/contrast marker.

  • 俺たち(は)可憐と相性がいい。
    We get along well with Karen.
  • 俺たち(は)可憐とは相性がいい。 (added は)
  • 可憐とは俺たち(は)相性がいい。 (changed word order)

(So this clause has two は-marked arguments. This normally means one of them is contrastive, but in this case I feel almost no contrastive nuance in 可憐とは. I personally feel "double-topic" sentences like this can exist, but I may be wrong.)

  • I should probably clarify why I didn't think it was とは相性がいい. I understand from context the 俺たち to refer to himself and 可憐 and not himself and 翔.
    – renzoko
    Oct 20 '20 at 8:08

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