So, I'm back again with another translation help, from a line in the song "Yoake to Hotaru"


I've known, naturally as a basic, that を functions as an object marker for a verb. However, it seems here that the thing that takes a direct object is 今. Might there be some function of it I still do not know? Or perhaps, it concerns syntax and grammar more, if anything.

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This is an example of the verb being omitted. 今 is modifying the time of the sentence overall. Looking at the nearby lines, it's not entirely clear what the verb is. Here are some things it could be:

  • 夏がこないままの街行く
  • 夏がこないままの街歩く
  • 夏がこないままの街藍の色染め上げる

Other things are naturally potentially possible as well.

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