I came across this sentence in the Japanese Try! book and I could not make out of it why の was used, what was the purpose. I understand の can act as a modifier but 日本ん on it's own is already a noun.


Just saying 日本はちょと高いですが、とてもいいです is more straightforward and simpler. I don't get what の adds.


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Great question.

Let's start with your more straightforward and simpler sentence.


This says

As for Japan, it's a bit expensive....

where it means Japan.

But that's not what the original sentence is saying. The original sentence is


which can be translated as

The Japanese one is a bit expensive,...

There is context that is missing here. There is something that's being talked about. Perhaps it's a nice sweater, セーター, you like and you have a choice between a variety of sweaters one of which is Japanese. So, the sentence could have been


But if it's already understood that you're talking about sweaters, you can omit セーター and just say 日本の, the Japanese one.

  • Thank you so much! This makes it much more clearer for me know. I spent some hours looking at the sentence and trying to make sense out of it, I could not find online much explanation either. Much appreciated.
    – Namifia
    Oct 17, 2020 at 18:36

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