I recently learned how to use これ, この, それ, その etc. but I was wondering how to introduce something new to someone, like これはゲームです and then adding onto that sentence to describe it (for example in English I could say “this is a game, it is new/fun/boring etc.”). I know I could use something like このゲームはおもしろいです but it seems like this implies the person I’m talking to already knows what a game is. Is there any way to introduce something new and describe it in the same sentence?



You can use が and けど. You may know their basic meaning is "but", but they can also be used to give introductory/background information before diving into your main point.

  • これはゲームですが、おもしろいですよ。
    This is a game, and it's fun.
  • 明日【あした】は日曜日【にちようび】ですが、どこに行きたい【いきたい】ですか?
    It's Sunday tomorrow, so where do you want to go?

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