While watching Cowboy Bebop I came across aa short dialog between the woman bounty hunter and the little girl:




It is the last part in which the girl says エドだけ知らんちん that ちん draws my attention. Why does she use it? Is it an emphasiser?

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I guess it's a variant of わからんちん, which is a rare, funny, a little childish way to say わからん ("I dunno" or "It's all Greek to me"). This ちん has no important meaning, but one may think it's a kind of dimunitive. わからんちん seems to be common in some areas, but no one used it in the area where I was born. I probably heard わからんちん for the first time at the opening of an anime called 一休さん.

(ちん is also a rare dialectal suffix used in a part of Kyushu, but I'm not sure if it's related to this.)

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