My grandmother went in Japan 50 years ago. During her travel, she collected a note concerning her future, but she didn't speak any words of Japanese. She has kept the note in her wallet for all these years. Now I would like to tell her the meaning of this old note. Could someone please help me? Unfortunately there is a missing character due to a small hole in the middle, I hope it is still undestandable. Thank you.the note

  • Probably this kind of question is off-topic here and It's hard to summarize one sentence because a lot of things being explained. "Slow but steady wins the race." is my first impression. I think the what "omikuji/fortune slip" says is correct since it has been with her for 50 years with it! – kimi Tanaka Oct 5 at 12:52
  • @Marco I edited your question title because it was off-topic and would probably have been closed. This site doesn't accept translation requests but sometimes it's ok to ask about the meanings of specific words or phrases. – kandyman Oct 5 at 16:01
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    @kandyman: Even if you edited the title, this is still a translation request. OP (apparently) doesn't speak Japanese, and shows no research effort. – istrasci Oct 5 at 16:35

Without going into too much detail, this piece of paper is known as 'omikuji'. It's a fortune-telling paper that you pick randomly from a box at shrines and temples in Japan. There is a possible range of rankings from good fortunes to bad fortunes. The word 小吉, written in the top right and pronounced 'shōkichi', indicates that this particular fortune is 'small blessing', one of the good fortunes.

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