Well I'm a begginer, how do I know if means ichi/itsu or its used for lengthening the word??

in tenkaichi(dragon ball) ichiraku ramen(naruto) the is used there because it means best or one

I'm wondering if can be used in spelling instead of いち even though the sentence doesn't mean one/best

and when i read some titles of eps, i don't know if the means 1 or its used for lengthening the word

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When it appears in a kanji compound (or some compounds which mix kanji and kana), it is the kanji character for 'one' 一. This can be read as いち or ひと depending on the context. When it appears in kana words (mostly katakana), it is called a chōonpu (超音符) and functions to lengthen the previous vowel.

日本一 (にほんいち) (kanji compound)
ケーキ (keeki) (katakana)
おーい (ooi) (hiragana)
万が一 (まんがいち) (mixed kanji and kana)

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