In this sentence:


I know that ってのか is short for というのか.

But what does he mean by that sentence?

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Yes, っての/ってん is short for というの. Here, it's followed by か, so it's basically "Are you saying ~?", "Is it that ~?" or "Does that mean ~?".

The remaining part is a rather simple causative + volitional sentence.

to re-enact that day (literally "to do the re-enactment of that day")

俺にあの日の再現をさせる (causative)
to make me re-enact that day

俺にあの日の再現をさせようってのか (volitional + ってのか)
= 俺にあの日の再現をさせようというのか
Does that mean you're trying to make me re-enact that day?

(This あの日の再現 may euphemistically mean "to repeat the same mistake I made on that day" or something similar, depending on what happened on the あの日.)

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