I found it in several sites like this: https://daigakujc.jp/c.php?u=00325&l=05&c=00686

My question is what "いくら時間がない” means.

I've only been taught how to use いくら with でも.

I only understand right now "no matter how much time we don't have." But that doesn't sound logical so I'm probably wrong.

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    However little time we have. – chino alpha Sep 20 '20 at 12:02

You're not parsing the sentence correctly, I'm afraid.


「いくら~~ても」 means "No matter how much ~~" or "Even though ~~".
「いくら~~と言っても」(≂「いくら~~とはいえ」) literally means "No matter how much (one) say ~~". It can more naturally translate to "It is true that ~~, but" or "Even though it is true that ~~".

"Even though it is true that you have little time, ..."

An example from another website:

We ought to think of taking cover somewhere for the night. After all we’re only three, even if we are armed.

This post may also help:

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