I have been reading this book and I came across this paragraph, which is aa conversation between two people:





My translation regarding this part would be:


No, My silence is painful. Well the tea .... なさい, or is it too strong?

I have tried looking for the meaning of that word, but I have been unable to do so.

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  • Not what you're asking about, but I think in this context a better translation of いや、わたしは黙っているのが苦痛なんです would be something like "No, it would be painful for me not to tell you." (And by the way, thanks for including so much context, and the link.) – Nanigashi Sep 17 at 23:49

This is just お茶をお上がりなさい written in a way that reflects the speaker's speech patterns.

So your translation is nearly right: "In any case, please have some tea. Or... is it too strong for you?"

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  • So in this case: 「あなたどうしたのです、正気におなんなさい! the same thing is happening, の? The sentence after the comma in other words would be: 正気におなりなさい! – davidpolygoth Sep 27 at 21:58
  • Correct: that is, “what’s happened to you, please come to your senses!” – jogloran Sep 28 at 7:58

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