I'm reading Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. In chapter 18, the Rita Skeeter character appears for the first time (it's an obnoxious paparazzi woman) and she uses this sentence ender that I haven't seen before.

Some example sentences:


It's probably not terribly important but I'm interested what "flavor" it's supposed to add to her speach. I read somewhere that it is used in anime/manga but I don't watch all that much anime or read manga so I haven't encountered this before.

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It's from old 山の手言葉. ざます/ざぁます/ざんす used to be actively used in the past among classy madams in Yamanote regions, but today it's used mainly in fiction as role language of snobbish people and nouveau riche (usually middle-aged or older).


The most famous user of ざます in fiction is probably Suneo's mother.

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