Reading this article I came across よる、but I cannot quite make out its meaning.


Researching on my dictionary I came across these words 因る, 寄る and 選る. I am more inclined for the first one since it is for reason.


安倍総理大臣がいつまで続けられるかや、いつまでに選出しなければならないかにもよるのではないか abe prime ministerが until when can continue や until whenに must elect かにも reason no?

I would say it is reason, but I am uncertain.


(~に)よる means "depend (on~)".

「XXはYYによる」- "XX depends on YY"

So your example means:

「Regarding 後任の総理大臣の選び方, it would depend on 安倍総理大臣がいつまで続けられるか and also いつまでに(後任の総理大臣を)選出しなければならないか」

lit. Regarding how to pick a new prime minister, it would depend on how long Abe can continue and also by when we need to pick (a new prime minister).

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