Reading in NHk I came across this paragraph, and I cannot make out the meaning of キリ:



Personally, I think it could be related to 切り which means END, STOP, BOUND, so when I broke the sentence down it resulted in this:

すべてのメニューを50円単位のキリのいい金額にすることで会計がスムーズになり。。。 all menu を 50 yen unitの END, LIMIT? のgood amount of money に doing で accounting が smooth に becomes.

But I am not sure.

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    You should probably add what you think it might mean, what you've researched, etc. Otherwise it may be closed as a translation request.
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    Aug 26, 2020 at 19:02

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You're right; this usage of キリ is related to the first definition of 切り in 大辞林

きり 【切り・限▽り】 一 [2] ( 名 ) ① 物事がそこで終わりになる切れ目。区切り。ひと区切り。 「 -のいいところでやめる」 「 -をつける」

The first usage example in the definition above is particularly relevant. 切りのいいところでやめる means to stop doing something at an opportune or logical moment – for example, when one step in a multi-step process has been finished, rather than right in the middle of a step. Somewhat similarly, キリのいい金額 refers to an amount of money (金額) that is what we would call a round number in English. In this particular case, it's clear from context that it means a price ending in -00 or -50. So ¥1550 or ¥300 would be キリのいい金額, while ¥1552 or ¥349 would not.

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