Is there a kanji form of ああ, like there is for [斯]{こ}う, [然]{そ}う, and [如何]{どう}? I've searched online, but neither Jisho.org, Wiktionary, or Weblio list a kanji version for demonstrative ああ, like they do for [斯]{こ}う, [然]{そ}う, and [如何]{どう}.

I would assume [彼]{あ}あ, but the う/あ series of demonstratives break the [此]{こ}[其]{そ}[彼]{あ}[何]{ど} pattern and use different kanji from the rest of the demonstratives, so that's probably wrong.

I know there is [嗚呼]{ああ} and [噫]{ああ}, but those are use to describe the sound "aa" than the demonstrative.

Is there a kanji form of ああ? Or is it safe to assume that ああ has no kanji form?

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