Is there a kanji form of ああ, like there is for [斯]{こ}う, [然]{そ}う, and [如何]{どう}? I've searched online, but neither Jisho.org, Wiktionary, or Weblio list a kanji version for demonstrative ああ, like they do for [斯]{こ}う, [然]{そ}う, and [如何]{どう}.

I would assume [彼]{あ}あ, but the う/あ series of demonstratives break the [此]{こ}[其]{そ}[彼]{あ}[何]{ど} pattern and use different kanji from the rest of the demonstratives, so that's probably wrong.

I know there is [嗚呼]{ああ} and [噫]{ああ}, but those are use to describe the sound "aa" than the demonstrative.

Is there a kanji form of ああ? Or is it safe to assume that ああ has no kanji form?


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ああ was created by analogy with こう and そう only in late eightteenth century (Frellesvig, A History of the Japanese Language, p. 389). [Were it an inherited form, it would have been あう and then おう.] Hence, it was too late to get a specific kanji correspondence.


You wrote above the correct kanji for ああ (there is also another kanji for ああ、嗟),

but practically you don't need to learn kanji for demonstratives.

They are quite obsolete and very rarely used in writing.

(I've never seen them in any context, only in a dictionary)

Hope it helps.

  • Just because I won't use it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to learn it. I only want to know the kanji demonstratives of my own interest. It's quite obvious that demonstratives rarely use kanji; if they did I probably wouldn't be asking this question. Not everything you want to study about a language is something strictly for practical usage. Feb 22, 2021 at 4:12

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