Been thinking about these for a while. I see that we already have Difference between 光る, 輝く, and 光り輝く?, but I'm including a lot more. What are the differences in meaning (ignoring conjugations) of the following words:

  • 光る・ピカピカ
  • 輝く・輝かす
  • 光り輝く
  • [閃]{ひらめ}く
  • [煌]{きらめ}く・キラキラ・ギラつく
  • 瞬く
  • てかる・テカテカ
  • ちらつく・ちらちら
  • 照る・照らす

Which ones are interchangeable? Which ones imply a definite "brightness", and which ones don't (I'd say even in English, "glimmer" and "flash" do not necessarily imply brightness—even a dim light could glimmer (as its intensity grows and fades) or flash (off and on) )?

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    I think mimetic words and usual words should be separated because those two can coexist in a phrase. – broken laptop Aug 13 '20 at 5:45
  • I feel like some words would only be interchangeable in certain contexts too. Like ぴかぴか could probably be used in place of つやつや when describing metal. Like your point with "glimmer" and "flash", I feel like they describe reflection more than they describe light. – Shurim Nov 18 '20 at 17:10

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