I came across a song (琥珀ト瑠璃ノ輪舞曲) where there's a line


I know the meaning of the words individually ,

"時の" = of a certain time,
"函" = box,
"横たわる" = lying down /stretching out.

But putting them to together in the sentence makes no sense to me. The most literal way I can translate it is "Lying in a box of a certain time" But the meaning seems incomplete to me. Is there any other meaning behind it? Thank you!

For context, these are the song lines before it :

煤けた硝子玉 淡い月と碧い夜

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    時の函 is most probably box of time and you can totally be lying on it. Aug 11, 2020 at 22:36
  • I see, thank you! I guess I'm just having some trouble trying to visualise it. I'm not sure what "box of time" even means. Aug 11, 2020 at 23:07

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The literal translation is:

[I] was lying in the box of time

Judging from the broader context, this is the author's own poetic way of saying "(I) have spent a long time lying in this box". This 函 primarily refers to the "frame of time", but I guess it's also a reference to a physical storage box. Note that the character ("I") in this song is a half-forgotten and half-broken windup doll who has been waiting for a new owner for a long time. 煤けた硝子玉 refers to his own glass eyes.


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