The use of loan words such as プレゼント are used much more just like カメラ is and such. So should i just disregard [贈]{おく}り物 and focus my memory on something else or do you know if [贈]{おく}り物 is still used and is important till this day?

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I did a quick search for both headwords in two well-known corpora. The results are below:

BCCWJ: (Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese)

  • 贈り物 668 entries

  • プレゼント 3268 entries

Tsukuba Web Corpus

  • 贈り物 5672 entries
  • プレゼント 21974 entries

It seems that プレゼント is indeed more common than 贈り物. Having said that, 贈り物 shouldn't be considered a rare word and it appears to be in regular use, albeit less so than プレゼント. I would say that 贈り物 is probably a slightly more formal word perhaps, and so might be preferred in writing or formal styles. I wouldn't advise disregarding it as you may encounter it in some situations.

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