There is this sentence in my textbook that I don't quite understand the structure of: スイスのクレーマーさんですか、ドイツのクレーマーさんですか. So if I understood it correctly it's asking if that person is from Switzerland or from Germany but can you just connect those 2 things with a comma? The whole sentence sounds weird to me. Also, is there another and maybe better way of saying this question?

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The question literally translates as:

Is it (the) swiss Mr. Kremer or is it the german Mr. Kremer?

(It could could be also Mrs. instead of Mr. depending on context.) You might be confused by the literal translation since it implies that there are 2 Mr. Kremers, one from Germany and one from Switzerland.

But despite this somewhat strange phrasing (which might be, however, clear from context) the


is a perfectly valid way to ask a 2-way question: see e.g.:

first example here,

example 5 here

Choice Questions (no. 3)

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