From grammar lessons, I’ve learned that the base format of “the test is not tomorrow” is


However, nobody speaks like this and the polite form should be


Or, more formally,


However, when I put the first two into google translate, it gives the correct translation of “the test is not tomorrow.” But when I put the last one in there, it gives “the test must be tomorrow,” which is 100% not what I’m trying to say. What’s wrong here?

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    Did you accidentally type なりません when you meant ありません? – Leebo Jul 31 at 15:21
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    Thanks! That’s actually EXACTLY the problem! I typed wrong... now it gives the correct translation! Please put your answer as a comment so I can accept it. ありがとう! @Leebo – David X Jul 31 at 15:23
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    I'm glad the situation is resolved for you. Questions originating from typos and misreadings are typically closed as off topic, so I won't post it as an answer for now, but it's a happy ending nonetheless. – Leebo Jul 31 at 15:28