I tried to find kanji for the name Aimi by looking at the readings of kanji on jisho.org.

Do the kanji 鴉靉魅 work for the name Aimi?

  • How did you come up with these kanji? – Earthliŋ Jul 30 at 22:35
  • Searching for their readings on jisho.org :) – aimi Jul 30 at 22:51
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    It works except that almost no native speaker can even guess the reading... – naruto Jul 30 at 23:06

Well, it sort of works, depending how you interpret "works".

The ENAMDICT database contains many rare names (and over 100 ways of writing the name あいみ in kanji — but not 鴉靉魅).

The database does contain entries

  • あいか 【鴉嘩】

  • そうあ 【蒼鴉】

  • えいこ 【靉子】

as well as several names using 魅 for the (common) ending, such as

  • あさみ 【亜佐魅】

as "female given name" suggesting that all characters might be used in a name.

Reading 鴉 and 靉 as a and i is "theoretically" possible, but almost impossible to guess. Note also that these two are hyōgai kanji, so they could not be used in a given name for a baby girl (or boy) born in Japan now.

Also, the choice of kanji does looks a bit like someone wanted a name with as many kanji and as many strokes as possible.

If you wanted a more "realistic" name you could keep 魅 as mi and put either

  1. two kanji for ai, such as 安意 for 安意魅, say, or
  2. a single kanji for ai, such as 愛 or 和 or 想 or 藍 for 愛魅 etc.

I think this way you can get a pretty name, which isn't too eccentric.

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  • Thank you for your answer :D – aimi Jul 30 at 22:52
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    愛魅 looks really lovely. – A.Ellett Jul 31 at 0:20
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    「魅」って・・あんまり良い感じしないですよね、モノノケみたいな意味もあるし。。フツーに愛美、愛海、愛実、藍美とか亜衣美あたりにしとかはったら…って思ってしまう。。。 – Chocolate Jul 31 at 13:28
  • 愛美 can also work I think... oh @Chocolate already mentioned it :)) – rebuuilt Aug 2 at 7:16

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