context:the article which i was reading is about a female model who has been doing photography sessions with certain companies.


what i don't understand it is the usage of the でーparticle in this sentence, as you may have noticed already the でーparticle is used in the above sentence "3 times" so that got me a little kinda of confused. i'd translate it like...

it was lucky that we could made the shooting by this timing because she was bussy by her job-searching during a time<

but i don't know if a got the right meaning of the sentence so i would be very grateful with you guys if you can help me with this sentence. 助けてください

  • i’d probably translate it slightly differently but it seems you’ve got the gist. i’d have started with “as she’s going to be busy with her job search for a while, we were quite lucky with the timing for the photo shoot” – A.Ellett Jul 31 at 0:15

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