I composed one sentence.

一人の人魚は「彼は動いていない,死んだでしょう」と言いました。The mermaid said 'It seems he isn't moving, maybe he is dead'

Is it right to say 一人 about mermaids? If they are not humans, should I use special counting suffix? are there any another mistakes?

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    1人の人魚は...言いました The mermaid said... -- 1人の人魚 would be more like "one mermaid" or "one of these (two or more) mermaids" rather than "the mermaid".
    – chocolate
    Jul 30, 2020 at 14:50

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According to the article cited below, the correct counter for mermaids is indeed 一人, 二人, etc. It says that because mermaids have a somewhat similar physical form to humans and that they share the same basic emotions as humans, the counter for people is used.

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