According to this question, ending a sentence with さ is a colloquial way of to make a sentence more playfully assertive. But I noticed that ね is also used to end a sentence and the meaning to me seems to be the same as the sentence that ends with a さ.

For Example:



Is my understanding correct that both can mean as "Hey/You know what, this is delicious." If so, then in what situation can ending a sentence with a さ or ね be different.

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    Just my two cents, さ sounds more pushy than ね.
    – jarmanso7
    Jul 28, 2020 at 8:14
  • This is quite subtle and there's lots of personal variation, but I'd say that in this context, さ sounds a bit more like it's soliciting a response, whereas ね sounds slightly more "preachy" (no response needed).
    – dainichi
    Feb 10, 2021 at 15:05
  • In the mid 90s when I was living in the Tōhoku, it also struck me that their use of さ differed from what I encountered a few years later in the Kantō. Any chance your samples came from someone specific to a region? Apr 14, 2022 at 17:10

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The key differences between the two are:

  • あの、これさ美味しいよ
    Hey, this is delicious you know. I'm telling you... (doesn't care if the Hearer agrees or not)

  • あの、これね美味しいよ
    Hey, this is delicious, isn't it? (Speaker is waiting for an agreement from the Hearer)

さ is a sentence-final particle used by males (and I have heard females too) in very colloquial speech to express varying degrees of assertion. A reply isn't expected.

  • Encouragement: Q:就職で来るかなあ。A:出来る。 I wonder if I can get a job? Sure you can.
  • Negate Someone's Challenge: Q: 君は日本語、読めないよね。A:いや読める。 You can't read Japanese, right? Yeah, sure I can.
  • Light Comment: 人生は長い旅のようなものLife is something like a long journey.
  • Irritation or Opposition: どうして酒をのんじゃいけないのHow come I can't drink sake?

ね on the other hand has different functions.

  • Request Confirmation from the Hearer: あなたは学生です。 You are a student, aren't you? (speaker is waiting for an answer)
  • Request Agreement from the Hearer: A: 今日はいい天気です。B:本当にそうです。 Nice weather today, isn't it? Yes, isn't it.

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