Taken from 「イエスタデイをうたって2」

Context: One guy wants to visit a female friend (who he barely knows) while she is sick. This is their conversation when he suddenly stops before entering her house:

「一人暮らしの女の部屋にそう ほいほいと上がれるか?」



As intended in the title of this question, what puzzles me about this conversation is the 「上がれる」. I get what their conversation is about, however I am unsure about what this part of the sentence means in a literal way. Is he asking her if she really wants to let other people enter her room/house so easily? Is the 「上がれる」simply passive?

I feel like overseeing something about the sentence and twisting the meaning to fit what I had in my head already.

(Further context: The girl actually has a love interest in the guy (what he knows about); however he is in love with シナコ先生, who is an acquaintance of both. The girl speaking in this conversation knows that he visited シナコ a few days ago and cared for her while she was sick.)


上がれる here is the potential form / 可能形 of 上がる.

Could I ever enter so easily/casually? Would I ever be allowed to / Would it ever be possible to enter so easily/casually?

The passive form / 受身形 of [上]{あ}がる is [上]{あ}がれる.

He's saying he doubts a man would be allowed to enter the room of a woman living alone so easily/casually, from a moralistic viewpoint, and hesitating to do so.

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