I’m new to learning Japanese, and I am currently practicing on how to properly pronounce ら り る れ ろ. I have been told that you use your tongue tip to flick the roof of your mouth. I am able to produce the sound and people have told me it sounds good, but I feel like I am not using the tip of my tongue as told. I feel like I am using the blade of my tongue instead. To be really really honest, I feel like I am using the tip AND the blade of my tongue if that makes sense. I just want to ask if this is normal or if I should work on fixing this and start only using the tip of my tongue and not the blade at all. Thank you! :)


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One of the best ways is simply to listen to native speakers making these sounds and then mimic them. A very helpful technique is to record yourself making the sounds so that you can listen back and compare your attempts to the native speakers' versions.

  • I agree with kandyman. If I may add, I think Japanese have different pronunciations of their ら行. Some pronounce it like 75% American English L and 25% American English R, others make a 90%-10% mix, if you consider R and L to be at opposite sides of the spectrum.
    – rebuuilt
    Jul 11, 2020 at 12:31

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