Taking an example 食べてあげる. This means to eat for someone else' sake (in favour of someone else). What if I wanted to say I am sorry for eating it, it would be wrong to say 食べてあげてごめん. Is there a word to replace あげる in this case? Something like やがって but the person doing the action is myself (first person).

  • Do you mean やがって (やがる)? Jul 5, 2020 at 6:20
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There is no grammar for giving negative favor. What you mentioned やがって (やがる) tells negative honorific, which is another category.

It is possible to use favor verbs ironically, but even if so, it only makes sense by pretending a good will, thus 食べてあげてごめん won't work anyway.

You can only say 食べちゃってごめん (食べてしまってごめん) which lets ~てしまう connote unexpected (and unfavorable) outcomes.

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