In the follow manga panel:

enter image description here

I'm not sure about 「見ちゃおれん」. Is this 見ては居れない = 見てちゃだめだ "(You) should watch"? My other guess is おれ=俺.

Context: The man is scolding the girl (he hired to be the stall mascot) for not doing her job properly.


見ちゃおれん is indeed a fairly casual way of saying 見てはおれない (= 見てはいられない). However, 見てちゃだめ is more like 'you shouldn't keep watching' (not an uncomplicated 'you shouldn't watch' like 見ちゃだめ), and 見てはいられない is more 'I can't bear to watch' than 'shouldn't watch' anyway.

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  • 見てちゃだめ is 'you shouldn't watch' <- "You shouldn't watch" is 見ちゃだめ, rather than 見ちゃだめ, right? – Chocolate Jun 27 at 16:00
  • @Chocolate 見てちゃだめ is what OP wrote up there, and I just wrote it the way they did. Do native speakers ever say 見てちゃだめ, or was it just a mistake by OP? – Aeon Akechi Jun 27 at 16:19
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    I think it was a mistake. ては→ちゃ, so みてはだめ→みちゃだめ. みてちゃだめ is a shortened form of みていちゃだめ = みていてはだめ, which is more like "you shouldn't keep/be watching". I think we say things like テレビばっかり見てちゃだめよ! 勉強しなさい! – Chocolate Jun 28 at 1:35

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